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Some things you can treat yourself.  You don’t need to run to the doctor for every sneeze and sniffle, headache and paper cut hemorrhage.  But if something sticks around an abnormally long while, that’s when someone like myself should be consulted.

Everyone experiences the dread of what if something is wrong?  It’s human to put it off and see if the problem goes away on its own.  For the most part, you can probably get away with it.  But what if it’s something new?  Or turns into a reoccurring problem? Something like a headache around the bridge of the nose of your nose for several days could mean you have a sinus infection.

In the US News Health article, “6 symptoms you shouldn’t self-test” I bring up the matter of what if you ave heart burn and other digestive issues  more than twice a week?  What if you’re popping TUMS like they were cert after-dinner mints regularly?  as any of this been longer than 2 weeks?

There’s a good chance you have Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or some other form of digestive troubles.  While I do talk a great deal about fixing yourself without the use of pills with the use of less saturated fats, more fiber, more greens, and water, it might not fix what ails you if this has been a long term trouble.  Over the long run, ulcers can occur and from that, cancer.  In the former is where a doctor would prescribe a proton pump inhibitor to give the ulcers dissipate and stomach time to naturally heal. Same with the esophagus.

These medications aren’t a cure, just an intermediary to better health through better eating.  Their usage was meant to be short term.  You’re looking for a long term solution to rid yourself of acid reflux.  You need a diagnosis from a doctor to know what stage your condition is in, do you need treatment for it, is it a symptom of something far different.  It isn’t always clear cut.  But eating right and being active to begin with can save you a few less headaches (and doctor’s visits) down the road.