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Last Thursday I spoke with ABC7 about what they could do to fight acid reflux with a folk rather than with a pill.  The problem with the pills is they work.  A little too well.  And we become reliant on the science of stopping acid production, which doesn’t make us wonder if it isn’t something about our lifestyle causing our indigestion.

Atrophied cells turned off by these pills can lead to stomach cancer, which is something pharmaceutical companies fail to bring up about medicating.  As I’ve said time and again, these pills are temporary.  10-14 days for over the counter and no more than 50 days for prescription medication (And this is the mandate from the Food and Drug Administration).

Instead of relying on spending money on pills with long-term side effects and paying the cost of an ineffective diet, fight back with food.

– Cut back on saturated foods.  That means say no to that deep fried chocolate bar.

– Eat plenty of high fiber foods (no, don’t switch to an all bran diet, your body might have more trouble processing it).

– Practice portion control.  Everything in moderation is the key.

Instead of a rich desert, try a Greek yogurt parfait with fresh fruit of your choice, shreded coconut, and pecans, then dust it off with cinnamon/brown sugar mix.

Or if you’ve got company over, don’t reach for junky party platters with processed meats and cheeses.  Instead try party snacks made with blended goat cheese, kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes.

I need to reiterate the less processed food you eat, the better it is for you.  Just follow these tips and you’ll live a healthier, acid-reflux free life.